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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tips on improving human relation with subordinates ( staff )

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera.
Semoga catatan ini dapat  kita kongsi bersama untuk memperbaiki hubungan dengan kumpulan kerja kita termasuk kakitangan dibawah seliaan kita.Sesungguhnya kakitangan adalah aset dan tulang belakang setiap organisasi untuk mencapai kecemerlangan.

  1. Focus on the good points in subordinates and let them know that they are are highly valued.
  2. Give them credit when credit is due.Admit your mistake and accept constructive critism from subordinates.
  3. Open minded and do not adopt the" know it all "attitude.
  4. Do not reprimand ( menegur ) subordinates in presence of others.
  5. Do not play Favouritism.( pilih kasih )
  6. Show concern for each subordinates growth and self improvement.Help them to overcome job-related problem.
  7. Treat subordinates with the utmost respect and dignity.Avoid bossy.
  8. Empathize,always try to see the subordinates point of view.
  9. Let subordinates know how well they are doing on their job.provide performance feedback periodically.Fedback must be immediate , specific and sincere

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